I first worked with Laurie December 2010 through July 2011. In that time she taught me about: food choices and nutritional values, finding balance between running and cross training, knowing my zone numbers to get the most out of each workout. As a result of her dedication and my desire, I met my goal of losing 10lbs (and lots of inches), and ran a 5k and 10k. Working with her awoke a part of me, a part that felt satisfaction in finishing something hard. That stirring led me to return to school, where I graduated from a massage program. Though I couldn't exercise as much, maintaing a healthy food intake kept me from gaining weight back. The success I felt w/ Laurie helped me mentally during my program. I am now working with her again 1x a week and am grateful for her. She is more than a 'physical' trainer. Her knowledge is wrapped in compassion, wisdom, and non-judgement. Knowing that she will encourage me and challenge me when I want to give up keep me coming back to her! She is an awesome person! - Zsuzsanna Pozar


Laurie Nuyens is an exceptional personal trainer whose expertise and knowledge has amazed me! During her evaluation she immediately addressed all of my concerns. I was shocked by her recommendations because she consistently cited issues I had been experiencing, but had yet to disclose to her. For example, I had been considering myself old and out of shape and feared many exercises, which after several sessions were no longer an issue. Laurie created a program that built my confidence and strengthened my body at the same time. Since training with Laurie I have consistently lost weight. Another example is a testament to the variety of recommendations that she made. I find myself able to do drills I thought were no longer possible to me after hitting age 50. I am at a weight I haven’t seen in 10 years. I feel better than I have in a long time thanks to Laurie. Laurie’s services proved to be invaluable to me and I have recommended her to others. If you are considering improving yourself and your lifestyle, I urge you to schedule an appointment with Laurie. You too will be utterly amazed! Barb McGuire

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